In the town of Loznica in Serbia found mineral Jadarit
In the town of Loznica in Serbia found mineral that contains lithium for which, as he writes New York Times, all over the world mark of 60 mining companies willing to invest in the mines for more than a billion dollars. Search for the key mineral for the production of hybrid and electric cars started even 2007. About 60 international mining companies searching in Argentina, Serbia and Nevada for deposits of lithium, the key material for hybrid and electric cars, which could lead to new projects valued at more than one billion dollars in the next few years. In Serbia, a lithium! So we should expect that this mineral in our country attract at least part of this cake of foreign investments. Nenad Grubin, director of the Belgrade firm Rio Sava exploration, daughter multinational company Rio Tinto exloration, said  that the company found mineral Jadarit  2004th in the villages near by town Loznica.Grubin points out that Jadars basin only place in the world where it found mineral Jadarit, geologists and chemical and physical tests have found that this was a new mineral. They gave him the name Jadarit and his positive identification was carried out in several reputable institutions abroad.