City Assembly

        Competences of the Assembly

  •  it enacts Statute of the City and Book of Rules of the City Assembly ;
  •  it passes budget and adopts final budget report ;
  •  it sets rates of  authentic City incomes, as well as way and criteria for defining the amount of local fees and compensations;
  •  it launches initiative for institution of procedures  of founding, abolishing or change of the City territory.;
  •  it brings Program of City Development and program for specific activities;
  •  it brings spatial plan, spatial plan of special purpose and urban plans and regulates usage of the construction land;
  •  it passes regulations and other general acts;
  •  runs town referendum and referendum on the part of the town territory, gives its opinion on proposals  from citizen initiatives  and sets proposal of  decision on public subscription ;
  •  it sets up services, public enterprises, institutions and organizations,  foreseen by the Statute and supervises their work;
  •  it appoints and dismisses  management and supervisory boards, appoints and dismisses managers of public enterprises, institutions and  services founded by municipality and gives consents on their Statues, in line with the law.;
  •  appoints and dismisses president of the Assembly and Deputy President of the Assembly;
  •  it appoints and dismisses secretary and deputy secretary of  the Assembly;
  •  it appoints and dismisses the Mayor, at the proposal of Mayor, it appoints Deputy Mayor and members of the City Council;
  •  it sets city fees and other local income the City is entitled in accordance with the law;
  •  it decides on compensation for the development and usage of city construction land ;
  •  it brings act on public debt of the City, in accordance with the law which governs the issue of public debt;
  •  it brings annual program of acquisition of real estate for the needs of the City and it institutes the procedure of disposal of real estate before the competent organs in line with the law;
  •  it prescribes working hours for the restaurants, shops and crafts facilities ;
  •  it gives opinion on republic, province and regional spatial plan;
  •  it sets up standing and interim working groups for addressing issues within its competence;
  •  it gives opinion on laws governing issues of relevance for the local self-governance ;
  •  it reviews report on work and gives consent for the Action plan of budget beneficiaries ;
  •  it decides on cooperation and association with towns and municipalities, citizen associations and NGOs  •   it informs public about its work;
  •  it launches procedure for assessment of the constitutionality and legality of the laws or other general act of the Republic of Serbia which violate the right over local self-governance;
  •  it gives consent for the use of names, coat of arms and other marks of the municipality;
  •  it reviews and adopts annual reports on the work of public enterprises and other public services whose founder of majority owner is City;
  •  it reviews annual report on protection of citizens and exercising of human and minority rights in the City;
  •  it adopts Code of Ethics  of officials (hereinafter Code of Ethics );
  •  it brings measures and adopts recommendations for improvement of the human and minority rights ;
  •  it performs other jobs set out by the law and the Statute .

            The Assembly is comprised of  59 councilors who are elected at direct elections through secret vote, in line with the Law..
            President of the Assembly and Deputy President of the Assembly are selected from among the councilors for the period of 4 years.

        President of the Assembly

  •  it chairs the City Assembly; 
  •  it organizes the work of the Assembly;
  •  it convenes and chairs its sessions ;
  •  it performs other jobs set out by the law, City Statute and Book of Rules.
       Deputy President of the Assembly 

            Deputy president chairs in case the president is absent or unable for carry out his duty.

        Secretary of the Municipal Assembly

            Secretary of the assembly is appointed at the proposal of the President of the assembly, for the period of 4 years and can be re-appointed.
            Secretary of the Assembly takes care about the expert jobs related to convening and holding sessions  of the Assembly and its working bodies and manages administration duties of relevance for his work. Secretary of the Assembly helps President in preparation and chairing the sessions of the Assembly.       

         Assembly working bodies

             Assembly may set up boards and commissions as standing working bodies  with the aim toward addressing  and certain issues within its competence.
             Working bodies give their opinion on proposed regulations and decisions brought by the City Assembly, propose to Assembly enactment of certain general and individual acts and carry out other jobs as set forth by the City Statute.
              City assembly may set up interim working bodies for the needs of specific tasks within its competence. 
              The Assembly sets up interim and poll working groups to carry out specific tasks and they terminate their work once the tasks for which they are set up are completed.

              Standing working bodies of the City Assembly are :

  1.Boards for urban planning and utility affairs ,
  2.Board for health and environmental protection,
  3. Commission for statute and regulations,
  4. Commission for Human Resources and Administrative issues ,
  5. Commission for appeals and objections ,
  6. Mandate - immunity commission,
  7. Board for security issues ,
  8. Board for economy, privatization and private entrepreneurship,
  9. Board for combating addictive diseases,
  10. Board for development and economic links with foreign countries and Diaspora. ,
  11.Board for gender issues.


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